About gallery

The "Odoevsky Gallery" has been operating in the art market in Russia and Europe for more than 20 years. In addition to a large number of exhibition projects by Russian artists, the gallery has held more than a dozen exhibitions of artists from Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Norway, Great Britain and the United States in the exhibition halls of Ekaterinburg. Thanks to the international projects of the "Odoevsky Gallery", many of Ekaterinburg’s artists were able to participate in exhibitions held by the gallery in various European countries. The most striking examples of international projects are:

  • 2004-2006 – “European Exhibition Tour” – exhibition of Ural artists “Russian colors”. The exhibition was presented in London, Cologne, Luxembourg, Nimes (France), Barcelona and Prague. About 20 authors participated in it.
  • 2008 – Exhibition of copies of masterpieces of world art made by students of the Sverdlovsk Art School. The exhibition was presented in Copenhagen, Luxembourg and Munich.
  • 2010 – As part of the year Russia- France one of the many cultural events held in France and Russia was the exhibition of Ural artists “Russian colors from Ural” in Cannes. The exhibition area in the port authority building of the city of Cannes was allocated for the exhibition.
  • 2012, the "Odoevsky Gallery" represented Ekaterinburg authors at the "Affordable Art Fair" in Amsterdam, where it was the only Russian gallery of 75 galleries presented from around the world.
  • 2013, the "Odoevsky Gallery" held an exhibition of Ekaterinburg artists at the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Brussels, and in March presented their artworks at the "Affordable Art Fair" in Milan.
  • In February-March 2014, the "Odoevsky Gallery" participated at the "Affordable Art Fair" in Brussels and held an exhibition “Russian colors from Ural” at the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Belgium.
  • Autumn 2014, the "Odoevsky Gallery" held an exhibition of Ekaterinburg artists at the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Prague.

Since 2014, the founder of the "Odoevsky Gallery", Sergei Odoevsky, has become the head of the Art gallery of the Ekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art, which hosts exhibitions of contemporary Russian artists. These exhibitions are subsequently successfully exhibited in various European countries.

  • 2015 – Sergei Odoevsky held an exhibition of the Ekaterinburg artist Vladimir Ganzin at the EACA, and then at the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Copenhagen.
  • 2017 – Exhibition of Ekaterinburg artists in Casa Russa Arti Erzia in Genoa.

"Odoevsky Gallery" presents a collection of works by Russian artists – “Russian colors”. This is a part of the collection, the main concept of which is the display of contemporary fine art in Russia. His spirit is now international, but he is still original in choosing plots and using artistic techniques.

The high professional level of the Russian academic school explains the fact that Russian artists are participants in various exhibitions in Europe and the United States. Their works are found in public museums and private collections, both in Russia and abroad.