Alexander Nam

Alexander Nam was born on January 1, 1960 in Northern Kazakhstan. In 1980 he entered the Sverdlovsk Architectural Institute and went to Samara. In 1989 he returned to Sverdlovsk, where he began to participate in group exhibitions of contemporary art, organized by the efforts of enthusiasts - artists and designers, a new direction in art called "underground". Thanks to the creative energy of the pioneers of "free painting": Oleg Elovoy, Edik Ignatiev, Evgenia Akulova, not only in the cultural life of the city, but also in the artist's life came a turning point. Then, in the 90's it became obvious that you can write freely, do your favorite thing: interior design, interior painting.

In 2009, Alexander holds the first solo exhibition "The Day of the Fisherman." He takes part in the International Exhibition-Competition "Spirit and Reality" in Moscow. In 2017, he held a number of his exhibitions in Yekaterinburg: in the editorial office of the magazine "Ural", in the gallery "Field", in the Sverdlovsk State Philharmonic, in the Museum of Architecture and Design of UrGAAU. In 2018, the exhibition of Works by Alexander Nam was held in the EACA.