Alexander Nesterov

Born on February 23, 1956 in Ekaterinburg. From 1971 to 1975 studied in Sverdlovsk Art College named after Shadr. Painter. Participant of Russian, zonal, and regional exhibitions. The works are presented in private and corporate collections in Russia and abroad. Alexander Nesterov - painter in the second generation. His father, an artist, a realist, he received a classical academic education and had the title - Honored Artist of Russia. He became known as a landscape painter and master theme of labor in Soviet times. Son, after art school, with excellent realistic school, started to learn the direction of avant-garde art, such as surrealism and abstraction. Combining innovative imagery with the classic understanding of color and composition, he created his own, well recognizable painting style, which is characterized by bright pure colors, positive emotional state of his works and a masterly finish the surface of the canvas.