Igor Sidorov

Igor Sidorov graduated from the Ural State Architectural Academy in 1985. After graduation worked as a chief architect of the Ust-Kata (Chelyabinsk region), an artist in the Youth Theater (Ekaterinburg) and an architect in the workshops of art fund in Russia. He directed four puppet shows in North Ossetia (Alania Republic) and two in the Ekaterinburg Youth Theatre.

In addition to painting, he enjoys a architectural design - urban night lighting of buildings.

One of the most striking works in the field of restoration: restoration of the icons of XIX century (12 pieces) in the choir of men's monastery in Bratislava.

Participant in various international competitions, cartoons.

Since 1991 - freelance artist. Lives and works in Ekaterinburg.

In private collections in more than 500 paintings and drawings.