Julia Simakova

Yulia Simakova is an animator, director,co-director, designer, painter and graphic artist. She graduated from the Yekaterinburg Art School with a degree in painting, as well as the Ural State Architectural and Art Academy with a degree in Animation Design. Yulia Simakova taught at the Ekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art at the Department of Visual Communications and at the Ural State University at the Department of Cultural Science and Design. She is a participant in art exhibitions and various creative and social projects. Her solo exhibitions were held at the Sverdlovsk State Philharmonic (2014), at the Ekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art (2016 - 2017). In 2015, a solo exhibition was held in the Hall of the Council of Europe (Strasbourg, France). The works are in private collections in the USA, Australia, Cyprus, Russia.