Olga Cesevichene

Olga Cesevichene is an associate professor of the Department of Actual Cultural Practices of EACA, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, teacher, artist and art therapist. Olga Cesevichene was lucky enough to be born in a creative family. Her grandfather was a weekend artist, painted in both watercolor and oil. Her mother and aunt drew beautifully. Her father worked as a sculptor as a former in the Art Fund of the RSFSR, in which Olga began her professional career after graduating from the Sverdlovsk Art School, whose teachers at that time were the famous Sverdlovsk artists Mosin G. S., Metelev G. S., Gusev L. A., Moos N. N., Dobrovolsky V. D. and others..

The multi-colored world of Olga Cesevichene is sometimes mobile and changeable, sometimes calm, full of inner strength. The subtle mysticism of landscapes sets up contemplation and philosophical reflection. The energy of the lines then freezes in a lyrical haze, then fascinates with daring strokes. The characters of the works are cunning and thoughtful, wise and naive, regardless of who they are - people, dolls or animals. Favorite material - acrylic, favorite subjects - flowers in any compositions, favorite colors - turquoise, cold pink, lilac and blue. She does not consider herself a modern artist, her goal is to give a mood! Olga Cesevichene did not participate in exhibitions until 2016, it is impossible to find her in social networks. Her works are in private collections in the UK, USA, Japan and Russia.